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non-invasive real-time bladder monitor – NouiLife®

Together with you we build a before urination incontinence care, safe, dry – no urinary infection care for an active daily life for everyone.

About us:

A large number of individuals over the world cannot empty their bladder properly and use catheter or cystometry.

We want to offer those people dignity, comfort and independence. It’s a big challenge, but we’re doing it with a teeny tiny device: Noui

What is Noui?

Noui is a discrete, easy-to-use, affordable wearable bladder scanner. It uses electromagnetic communication to send signals. An electrical impulse through the bladder, create an electrical field around the body, and then measure the change in capacitance values. This change allows Noui to detect any abnormal levels of urine in the bladder, and then alert the wearer or their carer.

Who is Noui for?

Due to its low profile and affordability, it’s our hope that Noui can offer safety, comfort and dignity to anyone suffering with incontinence and neurological disorders.

Wearing Noui can allow independent people suffering with incontinence to enjoy more freedom, safe in the knowledge that they will be given advance warning of the need to go to the restroom or insert their catheter.

Noui can allow hospitals to monitor patients’ urine levels individually, improving patient comfort and reducing the need for expensive and cumbersome bedside ultrasound scans.

Noui can help reduce the need for indwelling catheterization and the associated risks of catheter-caused infections.

Our Vision

Not being able to control your bladder is a huge handicap for millions of people all over the world and the stories are heart breaking. We are here to help you enrich your social life. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help hospital staff to determine risk patient’s exact timing for catheterization and quick treatment and caregivers to assist the elderly their well-being in time. We care about safe hygiene by minimising infection and fatal cases.

Our Technology

We use a unique innovative method and it is built on a simple electronic construction and small size. The electrodes can be integrated into textile computing and printed electronics that ensures an extra comfort for patients with dementia.

Our Customers

Our customers are hospitals, elderly care and pharmaceutical companies and private people who want to continue an active daily life. The pharmaceutical companies can determine time for dosing and new drug effectiveness for specific groups of outpatients. Hospitals can demonstrate super quick treatment for risk patients as noui can detect abnormal post void urine residual instantly.

Our current stage

We look for partners

We have developed the second generation prototype. The prototype works well in the laboratory environment. After testing on human bodies, we successfully removed a large amount of external noise  We finished the second Vinnova’s project. Next step is that we would like to move on customer verification with hospitals and virtual expert workshop. Noui welcomes contact from parties interested in receiving further information and collaboration opportunities. Especially we are looking for collaboration and partnering on pilot projects with hospitals, and catheter and other incontinence solution providers.For those who love videos, animation and motion graphics, we have come up with a new cool project!

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