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A large number of individuals over the world cannot empty their bladder properly and use catheter or cystometry.

We want to offer those people dignity, comfort and independence. It’s a big challenge, but we’re doing it with a teeny tiny device: Noui


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Noui is a discrete, easy-to-use, affordable wearable bladder scanner. It uses electromagnetic communication to send signals. An electrical impulse through the bladder, create an electrical field around the body, and then measure the change in capacitance values. This change allows Noui to detect any abnormal levels of urine in the bladder, and then alert the wearer or their carer.

Due to its low profile and affordability, it’s our hope that Noui can offer safety, comfort and dignity to anyone suffering with incontinence and neurological disorders.

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  • Wearing Noui can allow independent people suffering with incontinence to enjoy more freedom, safe in the knowledge that they will be given advance warning of the need to go to the restroom or insert their catheter.
  • Noui can allow hospitals to monitor patients’ urine levels individually, improving patient comfort and reducing the need for expensive and cumbersome bedside ultrasound scans.
  • Noui can help reduce the need for indwelling catheterization and the associated risks of catheter-caused infections.

Our noui team

Kyoko Jansson

Founder & CEO


Mohammed El Shobaki


Maria Calsel

Clinical Lead


Dr. Marketa Drmotova

Pharmacology analyst


Fahira Abdulah

Product Manager


Göran Jansson

Technical Manager


Dr. Anatol Krozer

Chief Engineering


Dr. Rajeshwari Rengarajan

Medical Device 

launch expert


Aswanth Nagarajan

Medical Engineer

fm: Jan 2024


Karthik Babu

Life Science Engineer

fm: Jan 2024



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